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“Regional government means absolute federal control over all property and its development regardless of location, anywhere in the United States, and to be administered on the federal officials’ determination. It would supersede state and local laws. ... Through this authority we seek to recapture control of the use of land.”―Robert C. Weaver, former HUD Secretary, as quoted by Gary Allen in the Jan 1973 issue of American Opinion Magazine


“We either restore local government,
or submit to global governance.”―Kirk MacKenzie



The Bypassing of Representative Government

by Kirk F. MacKenzie

Founder of Defend Rural AmericaTM

July 26, 2012

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Government is responsible for two things: setting policy, and enforcing that policy.

Representative government is being bypassed by the creation of unelected, unaccountable, non-transparent regional planning bodies that serve the interests of their so-called stakeholders rather than those of the People. This is done by usurping the policy-making authority of legitimate government. The politically correct term for this is governance, as contrasted to government.

In this paper, these bodies will be referred to as Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). In the USSR, they are referred to as soviets, hence the name the United Soviet Socialist Republic. They may also be called public-private partnerships (PPPs), the basis of fascism.

Everyone needs to know how this is being done, how to recognize it, and how to defeat it before it takes away our voices, property & property rights, prosperity, independence, and free will.

Governance / Federalism

The question arises as to how to handle problems that cross jurisdictional boundaries. At the founding of our country, this was handled by conventions of delegates at which issues of common concern were discussed and proposals developed. These proposals then went to their respective States for approval.

Ultimately, a permanent congress was created for this purpose. It grew into a national government. Under the Constitution, this national government was delegated certain limited powers to address issues of common concern, such as commerce and defense.

We have seen how the federal government ignored these imposed limits and eventually took over. This same model is being used to usurp representative government at every level.

The Creation of Non-Government “Governments”

The justification to create a NGO is to find or create one or more problems that cross jurisdictional boundaries.

The process is gradual. It begins by finding a cross-jurisdictional issue and creating a regional discussion group to consider it. This group evolves into a permanent council or association that engages in central planning. Eventually, this permanent group takes unto itself the power to make policy decisions.

As a consequence, democratically-elected governments are stripped of their policy making power, and become nothing more than shells to enforce the central plans created by the NGOs. Accountability, transparency, and representation are lost, and the People ignored in favor of special interests that typically gain power over, and financial benefits from, areas they don’t live in, pay taxes in, or suffer the consequences of.

Things that cross jurisdictional boundaries include commerce, transportation, plants, animals, and water. Fraudulent labeled endangered species are perfect for building NGOs. Salmon, for example, provide the excuse to take over entire river systems. Spotted owls provide the excuse to take control of entire forests. Buffalo provide the excuse to take control over private property, farmlands, communities, counties, and even states.

The bigger the problem the bigger the NGO. Justifying global government, for example, requires problems that span continents. How about air (carbon credits), water (oceans), and weather (global warming)?

By creating multiple overlapping NGOs, representative governments are made entirely irrelevant. Such is the case in Siskiyou County, for example, where property and water rights are under attack by the spotted owl listing, the coho salmon listing, forestry regulations, emerging controls over groundwater, and much more.

An Entire Parallel Structure

NGOs are being created at all levels: local, county, regional, state, national, and global. Cumulatively, these bodies create a parallel structure that bypasses Constitutional government. Here are some examples.


Planning Departments At the local level, it is typically the city or county planning departments that have been instituted to legitimize the concept of central planning in lieu of private property rights. Originally, the idea of separating residential zones from commercial and industrial zones made sense. Now, however, zoning regulations are so overreaching that no construction takes place without government approval.

The planners often don’t live in the areas they are planning, and as a result have no personal stake in the outcome. They have increasingly been trained to adopt certain viewpoints, such as the idea that a building permit is something of value for which the city can demand money, easements, forfeiture of property, subsidized housing, school taxes, and more. Some California communities, for example, require home developers to pay upwards of $40,000 in school taxes to get a home building permit, and that does not include the cost of the permit, review costs, and environmental impact reports.


ABAG The Association of Bay Area Governments provides an example of a regional planning body. Under the guise of transportation planning and using transportation funds, it is planning, promoting and funding government-style stack-and-pack housing along railroads throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. It also promotes social justice, and uses preferred contractors to do the work.

KRBA The Klamath River Basin Agreement is another example of seizing regional control. It is a compact developed by government agencies, certain Indian tribes, and environmental groups ― but not necessarily the communities to be impacted ― to seize control of the Klamath River Basin and all of its natural resources, an area the size of the state of Maryland that spans nine counties, four in Oregon and five in California. If it’s so-called stakeholders get the federal charter they seek, they will gain control over ― and profits from ― lands, resources and communities they typically do not reside in. The actual residents and their local governments will be removed from the decision-making process, and have no control over the decisions that affect their lives.


MOAs The Memorandum of Agreement currently being submitted to counties throughout California provides an example of statewide NGOs.

The CSAC (California State Association of Counties) and the RCRC (Regional Council of Rural Counties) are two existing NGOs. On July 23, 2012 they approved the language of the MOA developed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) (enclosed).

Under the agreement, the natural resource planning for all participating counties will be consolidated into one super NGO. Essentially, two NGOs are working with federal agents to create a third super-NGO that serves the interests of the federal government.

All California counties are targeted, especially those that are rich in farm land, water, timber, gold, silver, and other natural resources.

Each participating county will be represented by a single person, through whom all future federal government communications will go instead of through the county commissioners, sheriffs, fire departments, and other elected officials.

A U.S. Forest Service agent and a Bureau of Land Management agent will be assigned to work with that one person, forming a triad of which the majority two-thirds will be government agents.

It is the perfect setup for federal takeover, while maintaining the appearance of representative participation, however tenuous.

It is up to each county’s governing body (typically the county Board of Supervisors) to accept or decline. By accepting the MOA, a county’s supervisors will be selling out their county and their constituents by subordinating their constitutional and legal right to participate in planning on an equal or even superior footing to the federal government through a process called coordination, to accepting whatever the federal government dictates in a process called cooperation.


At a national level, the federal government is itself an example of how a discussion group amongst sovereign nations, called States, grew into an all-powerful supreme government.


United Nations The United Nations is a prime example of a worldwide NGO that is transforming itself into a supreme world government that is not democratic, not elected, and totally unaccountable to the People, which now appears to have been the true objective all along. It has developed its own infrastructure, financing, military, and world court.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

By participating in the creation of NGOs, elected representatives may be civilly liable to their constituents for breach of fiduciary duty. Representatives are elected to serve their constituents. That is the definition of an agency relationship. Agents owe their absolutely loyalty to their clients, as any Realtor or broker can tell you. Agents cannot legally exceed the authority granted to them, delegate it to another, or put their interests above those of their clients.

Representatives do not have the authority to delegate their powers to NGOs. Such action effectively destroys the rights of the People to representation and democratic government.

Breach of fiduciary duty creates serious civil liabilities that can involve huge damagesl awards.

Take Action

Here are a few suggestions on how to defend your Constitutional rights.

  1. 1.Create an organization chart of all the government entities and NGOs that make decisions affecting your county. You may be very surprised at the number of NGOs that are already affecting your lives.

  2. 2.Challenge the jurisdiction of all existing NGOs. Demand copies of all documents that allegedly give them the powers they have.

  3. 3.Find out how the NGOs are financed. Oftentimes, it is from federal and state government grants rather than county taxes. In these cases, the NGO personnel chase government money and mandates to keep their jobs, irrespective of the impacts on the community. That is an inherent conflict of interest.

  4. 4.Educate your County Supervisors about this topic and ask for their support.

  5. 5.Ask your County Supervisors to explain their role in creating these NGOs. Use Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests as necessary. Study the bylaws that define and limit the powers of your representatives.

  6. 6.Keep on the alert for any new NGOs being created.

In Summary

A parallel, non-democratic structure of interlocking NGOs is being created at all levels to bypass and defeat democratic governance. Constitutional government lies in the balance.

The creation of NGOs relies upon the reduction of the number of people involved in policy making, even to the point a single non-elected person can allegedly commit the whole.

The appearance of representation is critical to the process, even though the desired outcome is the elimination of representation. This is accomplished at some point in the process by seeking the blessing of a willing county board or other governing body, after which the locally elected government is no longer involved.

Far too often, the federal government gets these blessings from representatives that are serving their self-interests, rather than those of their constituents. This is a breach of fiduciary duty. Furthermore, it is illegal. Representatives cannot end representative government by assigning their powers to NGOs. Such actions exceed their authority and are null and void.

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  2. A rebuttal to the regional governance plan put forward as the path to the Next Economy in California’s El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba County.



  1. Global Governance Commission Report, by Henry Lamb. This is where the plan―to subordinate all nations including the United States to global central planning organizations―was put to paper, all without the knowledge or the concurrence of the citizens of the United States or of other nations worldwide.


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